Everything you need to define your
Microsoft Go-to-Market 

We know that Microsoft Partners need to be self-reliant businesses that know how to leverage the Microsoft ecosystem to their exclusive benefit. So, Partner Elevate provides content, coaching and community that allows Microsoft Partners to implement a blueprint that ensures they're recognised as Investible Partners in the eyes of Microsoft. 

Target Market

How to build a list of the most appropriate people to market to.

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We use a tool that’s designed to help you conceptualise the environment your company operates in.

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Ideal Client

Using the target account list and identifying WHO from that target account to track down... and how.

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Create a proven pathway and keep your customers for life

You have likely tried at least once to implement a clearly defined, visible customer experience journey or pathway, but have fallen flat. Or, working ‘on’ the business has been overshadowed by the need to get your hands dirty and deliver.

This leads to businesses feeling like there is no light at the end of the customer experience journey tunnel.

The perfect customer experience does exist and reaching this goal starts with evaluating each stage of your funnel. And no, this isn’t just about implementing a CRM.

Starting your Investible Partner Journey

The 6-week SalesPlay On-Ramp Program is just the beginning.


Building the

Defining your target market & refining your messaging



Choosing a target, customer value & building an offer.



Tech & capability, Sales process & your first win!

Resources to get you started

We're constantly building our library of free tools for you know more and do more.



9 steps to winning new customers

How to create marketing messages that resonate, own your space in the market and smash your sales targets

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Microsoft loves Winners & Innovators, not just Managed Partners.

Exploring the mistakes Microsoft partners fall into by pursuing "prioritisation" over their own business goals and growth.

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Microsoft Sales Offer

How to build a sales offer that actually sells.

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Value & Customer Outcomes

How to talk about customer outcomes, not cost.

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Sales & Delivery

How aligning sales & delivery creates a better customer experience.

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Answering common questions in your Microsoft Sales Pitch

During any sales pitch, there are always questions from your prospects. During this process, they are qualifying you and your business’ ability to deliver on what you’re offering them – just as much as you’re qualifying them.

To make sure your salespeople are armed with answers to commons questions that are thrown their way, we’ve put together a list of common questions and how you might go about answering them.

Take a look at some recent success stories

Read how Microsoft Partners are re-defining their go-to-market strategy using Partner Elevate's proven process of content, coaching and community to be seen as Investible Partners in the eyes of Microsoft.

Unpacking Microsoft Sales Plays: Why it's important to understand

Working with the most current cohort of Microsoft Partners in the Partner Elevate program, we realised that we often ask Partners about their Microsoft Sales Plays, and how are they're taking that to market.

The more Partners we spoke to, we realised that their understanding of Microsoft Sales Plays is varied and needed clarification.

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