It's All About the Mindset: Leveraging an Entrepreneurial Approach to Drive Partner Impact

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In a inspiring conversation on the Investible Partnerships podcast, I sat down with Reagan Koryozo, Partner Manager, Global Software Alliances, APJ from Amazon Web Services (AWS) whose journey stands as a testament to how uncharted beginnings can seamlessly transform into something extraordinary, right within our partnerships and ecosystem wheelhouse.

While it might appear unrelated to the sphere of partnerships and ecosystem, Reagan's esports venture imparted invaluable wisdom that continues to shape his career today. 

Trust as the Bedrock

Esports is a realm where triumph hinges on fostering trust with both sponsors and teammates. Through this experience, Reagan mastered the art of cultivating authentic connections and steadfastly honoring commitments. Today, these values form the very cornerstone of Reagan's role at AWS and being a drive of Partner impact. It's a dance of mutual belief, where partnerships flourish when both sides share an unshakable faith in each other's journey.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Running an esports team equipped Reagan with an entrepreneurial spirit, a mindset that fits like a glove in the world of partnerships and ecosystems. His journey demanded resourcefulness in securing sponsors, masterful negotiation, and a flair for envisioning growth in the most inventive of ways. Armed with this entrepreneurial mindset, Reagan now seamlessly aligns with partners, immersing himself in the partner's world to understand challenges beyond the lens of just AWS's goals. This shift has transformed Reagan from a conventional vendor to a partner's staunch advocate.

Unleashing the Power of Networks

Crafting a competitive esports team mandated building a sprawling network across the esports industry. Reagan now channels this proficiency into orchestrating support for partners across diverse AWS functions. It's a recognition that partnerships are a symphony where every note counts, and by harmonizing efforts across the board, Reagan unlocks a scalable formula for being a driver of Partner impact.

What we learned  

Reagan's narrative underscores a pivotal truth – an unconventional genesis should never limit one's career, especially in partnerships where we are constantly defining our role to the organisation. With the right mindset adjustments, experiences from any domain can surprisingly align to our world of partnerships and ecosystem. For those contemplating a leap into this field, the message is clear: the road less traveled might be the one paved with the most creativity. So, don't disregard opportunities that stray from the conventional path. Embrace your unique journey and elevate your partnership prowess in ways you never thought possible.


This article is a summary of my podcast interview with Reagan and does not include the full transcript or complete conversation between us.

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