Channel enablement tools: How to connect with prospects without wasting time on cold leads

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What if you could create a pathway for your prospects that not only creates relationships with potential customers, but also maintains that relationship while they move through the buyer’s journey at their own pace?

This gives you the opportunity to quickly identify which prospects to engage with first, with cold leads exiting the funnel and only warm prospects remaining. Below is one of our most valuable channel enablement tools for your team. 

For any Partner organisation, winning new business can feel like a never-ending challenge.

Partners tell us daily that they’re wasting time on unqualified leads, that they’re relying on current customers for new opportunities, and as a result are getting distracted by the need to find new lead sources. What they’d rather is to spend time converting more qualified leads (not qualifying them from the first touch), and they want their sales generated from a mix of existing customers and new business.

Salespeople need the ability to spend time with their highest probability prospects, and this means there is an expectation that the marketing team hands over leads that are already qualified and ready to buy.

We know that this is much easier said than done. Creating a funnel that delivers steady lead generation is no easy feat – and requires a specific approach to how you structure and deliver content through each stage of your funnel.

So, what comes after you have designed your competitive offer that is giving you steady lead generation?

Stop trying to convert cold leads

Much of what we see Partner’s struggle with is the time spent trying to convert cold leads.

Salespeople are spending their time further qualifying leads instead of converting highest probability prospects. The truth is, not every lead is ready to buy, and taking cold leads and keeping them warm util they are ready to engage requires an efficient process that simply can’t be achieved at scale with 1:1 meetings.

To turn your cold leads in to warm prospects and only give the sales team the most qualified leads from your funnel, we must continue the qualification process without spending 1:1 time. This starts by connecting with your prospects as soon as they enter your funnel, and creating a standard warm up process that educates them until the point they are ready to buy.

Common funnel mistakes

Belief that if prospects don’t respond immediately, they will never buy

We know that of the prospects that enter your funnel in any given time period, 50% will never buy, 35% will buy in the next 90 days and 15% will buy now. This means without a well-functioning funnel with sales enablement and educational content, you fail to nurture that 35% to the point of purchase.

Belief that 1-1 conversations will shorten the sales cycle

Your prospects have a process that leads them to purchase, much like you have a process that leads to a sale. Starting a 1-1 conversation during the time that your prospect is still in the research phase will not necessarily shorted the sales cycle.

Maintaining a relationship with your prospects to the point of purchase doesn’t have to mean constantly ‘touching base’ or ‘looping back’ on conversations. So, instead of picking up the phone for every lead, trust that your funnel will do the pre-sales for you. This means you’re not wasting valuable time on prospects who aren’t ready to buy now.

Thinking you should only maintain relationship after you sell

Prospects don’t just want to hear from you after the sale. While this relationship is very important for the health of your partnership, you must ensure the relationship is built and maintained throughout the whole pre-sales and sales cycle.

How to connect with your prospects (without spending 1-1 time)

To move your prospects through your funnel, educating them along the way about how your products and services solve their pains and problems, we use the 12-day New Lead Nurture™.

Day 0 – Welcome Email

They’ve clicked download on your lead magnet and have officially entered your funnel. Arguably the most important communication piece is next.

Simply sending them an email with a link to your asset is a wasted opportunity. In this first email you must begin warming them to your business. Do this by covering these things:

  • Of course, include the link to your lead magnet that they asked for by filling in your form
  • Provide an introduction to your company by stating the one result you give them
  • State their need
  • Show proof of where you have solved similar needs before
  • Outline the three problems you help solve for them
  • Provide a CTA to move them future down the funnel – book a meeting, download another assets, register for upcoming event, or even respond with direct email

Day 1 – Question email

By this point they have likely consumed your lead magnet or read up on your business to learn more. If they haven’t already decided you aren’t right for them, it’s time to hit them with a reason to reach out.

The question email is a one-sentence question that directly addresses the one thing they need help with. For example; “Hi Jack, Do you need help ensuring your systems are secure in the event of a cyber-attack?”

It’s short, sharp, and gives them the opportunity to hit the reply button and start a conversation with you.

Day 3, Day 6, Day 9 – Pains & Problems

Take the three problems you listed in the welcome email and elaborate over days 3, 6, and 9.

Talk about the pain that problem causes them day-to-day. Outline the mistakes they might be making when trying to solve this problem – or the avenues they may have already tried to fix it. In this email you want to create an emotional connection with them, and help them link the problem that they have with your solution that will solve it.

End the email with proof of where you have helped solve this problem before. Do not underestimate the value of testimonials and case studies during the sales process. And don’t forget a CTA!

Day 12 – Direct Question email

By this point, (if your prospect hasn’t unsubscribed), they are fully educated about your product or service, and have made the connection between what they need and what you offer. If they haven’t already reached out through any of the previous CTAs in your nurture sequence, it’s time to send a direct question that encouraged them to raise their hand and come to you.

Unlike the Day 1 Question email, this is more directly associated to the outcome they are looking for, and creates a connection to your business.

For example;

“Do you want my help implementing new cyber security protocols to safeguard your business from attack?”


  • 50% of the leads that enter your funnel will never buy
  • It’s okay when people unsubscribe – it means your list is staying fresh!
  • We must identify quickly who our highest probability prospects are
  • Our prospects want to feel like they are being heard, not sold to.

12-day New Lead Nurture

If you need help creating your 12-day New Lead Nurture™ - download our template and get started today.