Go-to-market messaging that motivates your ideal client

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In this day and age, go to market messaging has become an essential component of communicating for all B2B businesses.

Whether it’s a direct line of communication to customers or in-house messaging that relays ideas into practical and actionable solutions for other employees; showing up correctly in the messaging arena dictates the outcome of your bottom line.

Creating the right messages should not be seen as a dark art

To successfully engage your target market, it’s essential to understand who they are, what they like, and what they’re about. While demographics give you a broad spectrum as to who your audience is, psychographics provides a much more detailed breakdown of your audience. For example, understanding why someone chooses red versus blue or left versus right holds more value than simply knowing that they prefer red and always choose right. From that point, you can start to leverage your audience’s behavioral and lifestyle factors to create a complete persona and target them on a personalized basis.

Once you understand who you’re selling to, your go to market messaging must be refined and concise to build a solid foundation of trust. This is a huge part of our SalesPlay On-Ramp Program because the correct messaging will attain more leads, convert customers, and nurture existing customers in your pipeline – without the need for a new hire, or spending money on copywriting.

“Just tell me what to write”

While we can’t tell you WHAT to write, here’s some quick tips to get you thinking;

Focus on outcomes not solutions: Focusing on outcomes; as opposed to solutions or outputs provides your customers with a tailored asset, product, or experience. When your company is measuring KPIs based on outcomes, you’re determining what holds more value to customers, as opposed to a single solution.

What makes you different? Are you solving your customer's needs and secondly is your offering different from other partners? It’s crucial to define what sets you apart from the rest and conveying that clearly within your go to market messaging is a key step to accomplishing that when communicating with customers.

Communicating with your target industry: To fully engage prospects, shifting them from awareness to conversion, your messaging needs to speak directly to their pain points and weaknesses so that your solution implementation can provide an outcome that helps them reach their goals.

Try a PESTLE Analysis

This is a business and marketing tool that’s designed to help you conceptualize and visualize the environment that your company operates in from a political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental perspective.

If you’re looking to launch a new product, service, or any other type of offering, using this tool can help you to establish the factors that will influence your company’s footing within the market.

Think about this:

You job is not just about ensuring your customer uses your product or service, it’s the value they get from using the product or service.

Creating assets should have one central focus; providing as much value as possible to the end-user. Providing value comes down to knowing who your audience is, inside and out. When you focus on the value, not the ROI, production cost, or even the time to complete, you’re fixated on the outcomes of what you’re trying to accomplish. Then, you’re sticky.

What next?

Since you’ve made it this far you might be interested to know more about our SalesPlay On-Ramp™ Program? If we're right, shoot us an email and we'll send through all the details.