Unpacking Microsoft Sales Plays: four keys to Sales Play clarity

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In our previous article, we spoke about the importance of unpacking Microsoft Sales Plays. Specifically, the challenges Microsoft Partners face if they don’t have a proven process to understanding the ever-changing sales plays and supported investment priorities. We also talked through the opportunities that arise for partners that can properly unpack and align to Microsoft Sales Plays, and how they’re able to set themselves apart in the market by taking decisive action.

Next, we’re taking your through the four keys to Sales Play clarity.

These are the things you can do in your business today that will help you be ‘seen’ in the eyes of Microsoft.

Meaningful alignment with Microsoft

Having meaningful alignment with Microsoft priorities has far reaching consequences, both in a good and bad way. When you make a splash, the ripples travel far – so we want to be sure that you’re having the right kind of impact.

The good, is the way you open yourself up to opportunity within the ecosystem. When you make a splash, the ripples are far reaching. The bad is - if you have the wrong alignment, you’ll be pushing something that you can’t execute on. So, you've got to be able to choose wisely about whether you want to make a splash, and with what.

Have tech intensity

The second key point is what we call having tech intensity. Tech intensity is the key role in helping your customer realize their opportunity. To assist this, it’s also about allowing you as a Microsoft Partner to be more deliberate in a way you focus on the outcomes for your customers.

To elaborate…

When we think about having tech intensity - it's not about you assessing the technical skills and capability that you need to build in your business as a tick box exercise. It is not a skills and competency checklist. This is about creating the opportunity to have more focused technical outcomes that you can deliver for particular customers.

At Partner Elevate, we call this having a strategic certification mindset. Don't think about that competency tick – think about having more strategic mindset around how their competency is going to help drive your business forward.

Add your uniqueness

This is about it's taking that core capability that Microsoft build into their products, and adding your unique value on top. Think of your uniqueness as being a chef, rather than a cook. The chef takes the raw materials and adds their unique flair. They have the knowledge of what pieces go together, what tastes go together and then make a new dish. Whereas a cook will take the recipe, they follow the recipe and they produce the meal. The same meal according to the recipe.

So we want you to be more like a chef and not a cook.

The ability to be decisive

There is no doubt you are going to get distracted. They are always other opportunities that get put in front of you and are going to require you to refocus. So, to have the ability to re-focus, you need a proven and repeatable process to be able to make these decisions effortlessly.


Our next article Unpacking the Microsoft Sales Play: Our take" will walk you through the process we use to unpack Microsoft Sales Plays and how to decide which ones you should focus on. We show you Desmond’s take on a Microsoft Sales Play using his Sales Play taxonomy. So keep an eye out!


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